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  • MBA

    It is the most sought after corporate profile. MBAs today, rule the corporate jungle. They are the individuals with highest paying jobs and excellent job profiles and designations in an organization. We have job openings for MBA professionals across all the sectors of the market.

    Chartered Accountants

    It is the single most professional degree with highest demand. Any individual or multinational organization is always looking for smart and astute chartered accountants for smooth and error free balance sheet and image of the organization. There is no looking back for the professionals possessing this degree. We have handsomely paying chartered accountant jobs that would lure you to corporate career.

    Sr. / Jr. Accountants

    Accounting jobs are always in demand and provide good career opportunities. We provide accounting, auditing and financial analysis jobs with good pay package in reputed organizations and multinational companies. Candidates are selected and short listed on the basis of their resume, qualification, experience and location.

    Computer operators

    The world is becoming technology savvy, and so demand for systems operators, managing the maintenance of computer hardware and software is peaking up. We offer unmatched computer operating jobs with excellent pay scale.


    We have good networking and professional relations with some of the top honchos of the business industry. Moreover, with the increase in the automobiles industry, today major section of the society possess cars. Hence, we provide handsomely paying driver jobs to the aspiring candidate. The candidates are selected on the basis of their driving experience and tested directly by the hiring body.
  • Engineers

    India is witnessing an economic development which is leading to booming social and civil infrastructural development. Engineers are considered to be the backbone of the development of an economy. We have engineering jobs of all kinds- Mechanical engineering, production engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, automobiles engineering, aeronautical engineering and others.


    Receptionist jobs are most commonly sought after jobs by the companies and firms. We provide full time and part time receptionist jobs suiting our clients' requirements. If you think you have flair for communications and front desk work, we would recommend you to the best in the business.

    HR/ Administration

    HR is the highly sought after function of any organization. It you are qualified and interested in the administration, development and employee relations than we have the perfect job openings for you suiting your skills and requirements.


    If you find yourself smart, possess convincing power and have inclination towards creative thinking, then marketing is the perfect field for you. Companies are in constant search of marketing professionals to increase their sales and make their products stand out of the clutter. We offer the aspirants some the most exciting and challenging marketing jobs in the country. On the basis of your requirements and abilities, we provide you with some of the highest paying jobs in the marketing sector.


    Part time and full time office peons are in constant requirement across the industry. They are an integral part of administration department and possess an important role in the smooth functioning of the organization. We have the best opening for head peons and part time peons jobs with good pay scale.

India Placement takes complete responsibility to guide you to the correct career path. Our success lies in your success.